Conference Program Overview

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Detailed Conference Program

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Guidelines for Posters 

•    Poster must be 4 x 3 feet or 3 x 4 feet in size.

•    Velcro for fixing posters to the boards will be provided.

•    Please summarize the information, limit the text of your poster space and use visuals to generate discussions, BE CREATIVE.

•    For a conference special activity, authors are asked to send us a question whose answer can be found on their poster. 

For example:
•    Manuel Lamothe works on which species? 
•    Does Karelle Rheault work on biotic or abiotic factors? 
•    Which group is working on wood identification?

•    Please send your question to the following email address:


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Tree Seed Working Group








GE3LS Group








Canadian Council of Poplar and Willow

Wednesday visit of Vieux-Québec and dinner

Transportation will be provided for conference participants and their companion. 


Departure time from Manoir du Lac Delage : 15:00

Departure time from Vieux-Québec (return to the Manoir du Lac Delage) : 22:30

Rue Couillard, Vieux-Québec, courtesy of Guy Lessard

Friday Field Trip

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